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We stock Brass Sheets, Brass Round Bars, Brass Flat Bars and Brass Hex Bars; we import our material from Europe and SA in our effort to provide the best Quality for the absolute best prices. A metal of Non- magnetic nature, brass is one of the widely used alloys due to its valuable properties and smooth production, the alloy can be used as free cutting brass or gliding metal. Brass is highly resistant to corrosion, very ductile in nature, strong, conductivity, colour, hardness, machinability, wear resistance and recyclability. Brass has been integral in the Shipping industry, used as pipes and fittings, and also used in marine engines and pump parts. Brass is used as; Pipe Fittings, Hardware (nuts and bolts), Interiors (door knobs and handles), Radiators, Plumbing, Electric components, Hydraulic equipment fittings, Marine engine parts, Bearings, Yacht fittings, Seawater piping, Switchgear, Lamp caps, Spinners (automobiles) and many other applications. Brass like Stainless steel is also used and preferred over the SS in Kitchen, as brass has been known to prevent growth of bacteria, making food safer and microbe-free. It’s used as counter-tops, table tops and back-splashes.

Size: 5mm to 152mm

Length: Max 3000mm

Size: 9mm to 76mm

Length: Max 3000mm

Size: 5mm to 50mm

Length: Max 3000mm


Width: 25mm to 100mm

Thickness: 3mm to 10mm

Length: Max 4000mm


Width: 4FT

Thickness: 0.5mm to 10mm

Length: 8FT



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