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Copper is one of the mostly widely used metal in the world today, there isn’t an industry that does not require copper. 65% of total copper production is used in Electrical industry and a 25% in construction according to a research by the NDA. Whether its household electrical wiring or Boat propellers, copper is used in all industries. Copper is the most effective conductor of electricity only behind silver, its highly corrosion resistant, ductile and also malleable, making it very useful in electrical wiring. Copper transformers are 99.75 percent efficient, because of it being the best conductor of electricity. The metal is also known to have a long serving life in most applications. Copper is used in the production of: Electronic connectors, Circuit boards, Micro-chips, Semi-conductors, Electromagnets, Vacuum tubes, Welding electrodes, Fire sprinklers and Heat sinks. Copper wires are used in telecommunications. Copper is also used as water and heating systems, due to its bacteriostatic properties, this unique property of the metal is the reason for its application in Hospitals and medical facilities. Copper is used in architecture, due to its light weight, durability and ease in fixing as door handles and faucets. Transportation is an industry in which copper is also applied, some examples can be; anti-lock braking system, on-board navigation, hydraulic lines, wiring for windows and mirrors and fittings. Electric cars will increase the use of copper, high speed trains and airlines also contribute to the use of the metal. We stock Copper Round Bars, Busbars and Sheets, we import our material strictly from Europe, in our effort to provide our clients with the best quality and the best possible price.

Size: 12.7mm to 100mm 

Length: Max 3000mm


Width: 25mm to 100mm

Thickness: 5mm to 10mm 

Length: Max 4000mm


Width: 4FT

Thickness: 0.5mm to 10mm 

Length: 8FT



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